About Us

more than 20 years of experience
Efficient and Reliable Strata Management in Wollongong and the Illawarra

As a 100% locally owned and operated strata agency, you can be confident that Wollongong Strata can provide you efficient and reliable strata management services.

We assist developers from the ground up to the first Annual General Meeting (AGM) and we have a deep understanding of every aspect of the building and development process. We ensure the best possible service to Strata owners.

Our agency has a wide network of contractors in Wollongong and nearby areas, which is an imperative asset in Strata management.

Our team of Strata specialists will make certain that your building is maintained to the upmost expertise from the get go. We do this by only partnering with insured local trades people to maintain your building.

Tanya Edwards

Tanya Edwards is the managing director of Wollongong Strata. She has been in the property industry for over 20 years in Wollongong. She also has 11 years of experience in local Strata industry having been licensee in charge of a Wollongong branch of a Sydney Strata Management company for eight years.

Born in Wollongong Hospital, Tanya is a genuine local.

Earning her Real Estate Diploma was just a formality though, as Tanya had a real passion for people and property from a young age.

While still studying for her diploma, she started in the late 1990s as a Property Manager. She quickly progressed into sales. Then in 2005, she went into partnership and purchased her own real estate franchise. After selling the franchise in 2008, she studied Property Law at university She was going to move into conveyancing and was interested in the aspects of property law related to purchase and sale.

Whilst she was still studying Tanya was offered a job as a Strata Management Trainee in Sydney. She took the position as she hadn’t yet dabbled in Strata Management. She loved it so much that she left her degree to obtain her Strata Managing Agents Licence, in addition to her existing Real Estate agents licence.

Back then, Tanya was working with a large Sydney Strata Management firm  who offered her the opportunity to open and establish their first branch outside Sydney. She jumped at the chance and founded (Netstrata) Wollongong in April 2011.

After eight years, she decided to leave and follow her own dreams and has now opened Wollongong Strata. She is extremely proud to service the Strata community of Wollongong with the utmost expertise that Wollongong deserves.

Wollongong strata
Core Values

The following core values guide our daily work practices at Wollongong Strata:


Communication is the key to a successful relationship with our clients. Whether it be good news, bad news or just providing updates. Communication is essential for effective Strata Management.

Empathy & Caring

If you don’t care about other people how can you possibly empathise with their situation? Empathy drives us to always do our best to help in the shortest possible time so as to minimise any inconvenience they may be experiencing.


We believe that trust is not a given – it needs to be earnt over time. Trust is at the core of our culture, and our team of employees and contractors understand that our clients are always our number 1 priority.


To ensure that our job is consistent with all of our clients, whether they live in a luxury high-rise apartment or small villa. At Wollongong Strata, everyone is treated with the same respect and consistent care.


Wollongong Strata do not ‘cut corners’. Our staff are committed to the utmost professionalism, integrity and service you would expect from a 100% locally owned and operated agency.