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Strata Management refers to the active daily administration of a building. Property owners appoint strata managers.

Aside from administration tasks, strata managers also provide advice as well as direction for common property building management may include the following:

  • Financial management and administration
  • Guidance on legislative, regulatory and by-laws
  • Coordination of proactive building maintenance

The duties of your Strata Manager will depend on the provisions described in your agreement. Aside from taking care of your property, your assigned manager will manage and administer the buildings finances.

Your appointed manager will provide you with direct reports. Strata Managers are obliged to keep you updated about the status and upkeep of your property. They should provide you with the details of your trust accounts as well as financial transactions upon request.

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Management fees refer to the payments you make to the agency that helps you in managing your Owners Corporation.

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Helpful Strata References.

The following documents contain important information that can help you understand strata management in New South Wales. (Note: Clicking the links below will open a new tab)

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